08th Mar 2022

Recruitment can be done better

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The recruitment industry can be accused of being more talk than action.

Everyone says their service is second-to-none. But this doesn’t marry up when the focus is on making any placement rather than making the right placement. The cost is client and candidate satisfaction and the industry’s trust and reputation - no small price to pay.

“Recruitment can be done better,” says absolutely everyone.

But talk is cheap when nothing actually changes.


  • How can it be done better?
  • Where are we going wrong?
  • What does a well-rounded recruitment process look like?


Sometimes you get peacocking, where a recruitment agency says: “We recognise that everyone else agrees recruitment’s done badly, but we’re better, promise.” But without real initiatives to be different, hollow words only make the problem worse.

The problem has likely persisted for so long because it’s expensive to change. Retraining entire teams, investing in new technology, offering better training and benefit packages.

But here at Primaire Consulting, we decided to put our money where our mouth is. We’re determined not to be another agency adding to the noise while doing everything exactly the same.

We spent months developing a solution to the major gripes everyone has with the recruitment process. And we mean everyone, because we couldn’t find an agency, candidate, or recruiter who doesn’t struggle with at least one of these problems - if not many of them.

Recruitment tech can try to blanket fix some oversights, like responding to all applicants with something automatic, but they never really get into the cracks. People expect more. Most applicant tracking systems and CRMs are designed to work as well as we’ve always done, warts and all.

You probably know that many problems in recruitment stem from a lack of communication. Not knowing where everyone is at in the process, aligning diaries, comparing comments. Chasing feedback from busy teams in different locations, sometimes hitting dead ends, and leading to a perceived ‘ghosting’ experience for the candidate.

It’s getting harder by the day to get talented people on board, the last thing anyone needs is to have them drop out midway because they feel like just another number.

Our new holistic hiring platform, Primaire Precision, goes way beyond to solve all these problems. It’s not simply sending CVs, shortlisting based on educated guesswork, and processing whatever can get done in 8 hours. It’s about getting more done, and doing it better than it’s ever been done before.

And while you’re probably not as invested as we are in geeking out over recruitment software - everyone benefits from a process that’s more efficient, more intelligent, and more human. Building essential trust at a time where candidate expectations are sky high.

This is recruitment technology that’s tailored to each client, so candidates are fully informed from the start. A securely accessible platform that bridges the gap between agency and internal recruitment, so everyone knows exactly who they’re dealing with at all times. This creates a slick, employer branded experience for candidates.

The formula is simple: science + simplicity = results.

Primaire Precision houses multiple layers of objective candidate assessments, which means stakeholders can collaborate from anywhere in the world to make more informed hiring decisions, saving money in the long run.

We’ve gone way beyond the basics by adding a technical edge that integrates competency questions, psychometric assessments, automation, reference checks, vetting and screening, and much more to every single search - helping to hire the right person, each time. No reason for anyone to feel left in the dark - candidates get proper engagement in real time.

Fewer interviews. Faster decisions. A whole lot of time saved.

Recruitment can be done better and we’ve been working really hard to prove it. Now watch the video to see what we’re so excited about!

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