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Engineering recruitment careers worth showing up for

Recruitment jobs are never easy.

But there’s a reason over 40,000 agencies exist in the UK. Hundreds of thousands of people, including us, absolutely love what we do. Weird right?

And if you’re checking out this page, maybe you’re looking to try it yourself. Or, you’re already one of us and you’re considering a change of environment.

So, it’s our job to tell you why working for us is better than your 39,999 other options. No pressure, then?

Ben’s story

I’ve worked for a few different agencies, but Primaire stands out for all the right reasons. They’re growing fast, which is exciting to be part of and makes my job feel secure, whilst still being small enough to notice my contributions. I get to see how my work impacts the business which is hugely rewarding.

But the biggest thing? They invest in my success through the new technology that helps me do great work for my clients. As well as the pay, perks, and incentives that keep me feeling like my work is appreciated.

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